Thursday 4 August 2011

Teenage Kicks

Well today my darling daughter turns thirteen. Yes my little darling baby girl has become a teenager in a seemingly very quick time. No doubt its the same for every parent but those thirteen years went very quickly indeed. Today I've been remembering her at different stages of her young life and I have to admit getting quite teary at times. The little curly haired bundle of joy who came into our life after much screaming and swearing from her mother, the laughing joker who didn't want to go to "big school" after Montesorri and now the teenager beginning secondary school in three weeks. So much has happened in between that has gone to shape this wonderful young lady and we really are proud parents. The teenage years will probably be full of anguish, heartbreak, joy which I'm looking forward to and I will  emerge the bruised, battered parent of a twenty something in seven years time. Ruby will have aged seven years but I will probably have put down about twenty!

Moving premises is quite a stressful business but today things started coming together. Simon, who I tracked down yesterday, has been in and finished the paint job I began. He seems to care a lot about his work and I'm glad I found him.  The next couple of days should see me ready and moved in in time for opening on Monday. Today I began throwing out six years of accumulated rubbish from the soon to be old shop. Why I kept so much stuff I'll never know. Another day of clearing out tomorrow should complete the cleansing process. I'm almost over the stressful part now and beginning to look forward to the new start

My TV:

Tonight we're going to watch The Killing. Adapted from a danish series and apparently its a very close adaption too. You can almost feel the grimness around you of the situation the cops and the family are in as you watch it. I don't want to give too much away but it deals with the murder of a teenage schoolgirl and the two police officers trying to solve the crime. Its not a thriller full of twists and turns, its a very subtle show probably very like what an actual investigation might be like. Certainly four episodes in I haven't an iota who the killer might be. Being a parent of a now teenage daughter I really feel for the parents involved. The acting is great,the script really tight and the settings perfect. Worth a watch.

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