Sunday 23 October 2011

The Wisdom of Taxi Drivers

Well Ruby in the infinite wisdom of the teenager she is gave me some advice this week.  Having said that it was more of an order really, she doesn’t suggest things to me she just tells me. A bit like her Mother really and she’s knocked some corners off me over the years. Anyway we’d been late a lot in the mornings recently so Ruby TOLD to get up at 7am, have my shower, then my breakfast and we’d be out the door by 8am. I’d been doing it the other way, talking with her Mother over breakfast, resulting in us not getting out the door till about 8.15. So we tried it this week and what do you know but we were early for school every morning.   The thing that gets me though is that when I get up at 7am Ruby comes down and gets into the warmth of my bed for twenty minutes! Plus she’s still in the car before me. Freddie and I are wandering around for the first ten minutes just trying to figure out what day of the week it is whilst she snuggles up under the duvet. Reminds me of the piece of wisdom I got from a Cork taxi driver once. He was driving me to a wedding when we got talking about each other’s kids.

“Do you know the difference between young girls and young boys?” he asked, looking at me in the rear view mirror.

“Ah no” I answered laughing.

“Well” he said, “boys get out of bed rubbing the eyes wondering what to do. Girls? Girls get out of bed with an agenda!”

Never a truer word did I hear from a taxi driver.

Certainly beats what I got from a Dublin taxi driver once. He’d picked me up from a famous flat on Botanic Road the owner of which had picked me up from the Airport the night before. Having told the taxi driver that I’d flown in from London he asked.....

“Did you go down to the hoors in Kings Cross?”

I laughed and told him I hadn’t, which was true.

“Ah the next time you’re over you should pay them a visit, I’ve had great fun with some of those ones down the years.”

That’s one piece of advice from taxi driver which I haven’t followed up on.

Freddie and I have spent the day inside. The weather has been crap all day, rain, rain and more rain. Not that I mind too much, I’m away all week during the day so getting the chance to spend all this time with the little man is great. Lisa went off shopping for a couple of hours, this living in Tralee lark could be an expensive one. When she came back she walked in with only one bag, unusual I thought, normally she’s laid down with bags. All was revealed later after she’d collected Ruby. In she walked this time with four more bags not expecting me to be in the kitchen, I didn’t say anything , there was nothing to be said. .....Oh how I love her!

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